After more than 25 years in the electrical engineering area of building design, I have discovered the types of projects which interest me and, therefore, which ones cause me the most pride when completed.

The projects I enjoy are the small and medium size projects. Especially projects with a twist or complication. These projects allow me to use my main strength: quality electrical engineering.

These projects do not interest most engineering firms since the fees are too small or the project is too time consuming to generate a “sufficient” profit.. The challenge I have found is to provide my services at a fair fee and to offer the small or medium project owner the expertise and experience not usually available to them.

Since I am both the senior engineer and the designer, projects can only be assigned to me! With the lower overhead and expenses of a small firm, I can afford to spend my time on projects which interest me. This has the added benefit of allowing the small and medium project owner to afford the experience and expertise of a full time licensed engineer.